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League of Legends RP Generator


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About The LOL RP Generator

     League of Legends is one of the top most played online games ever created. More then likely you have at least 10 or so friends that have an account that are avid gamers with yourself. This game has change the way we not only game but the way we enjoy time with friends and even sometimes family. League of Legends can suck you in for hours at a time, let you escape reality for a bit and enjoy life with others online. Sometimes though we want to get our account to the next level through more riot points. What is the easiest to do that though? Through a LOL hack of course!

     Our RP Generator will quickly create riot points for you so you can create a character there is so leveled up your friends during online play will be blown away. Not only that but you will be near indestructible when someone challenges you in a fight. You can always get riot points the old fashion way buy earning them through fighting, selling and completing other tasks but who wants to wait that long? Our Free RP hack can create how ever many riot points you desire for your account.

     The RP Generator works very easily and quickly. All you must do is choose the amount of riot points you want and then click submit. You will then find al the riot points you wanted (sometimes even more) in your account. I am sure you are wondering how this all works right? Well our emulator took years to create with hours of testing. It is 100% safe and secure allowing you to get Free RP without any risk of your account being banned, suspended or detected. The RP Generator delivers the riot points in a way that the League of Legends servers can not pick up.

     The RP Generator is all browser based as well. This means there are no downloads required which minimalizes your risk of receiving viruses and other harmful Trojans that can destroy your computer. We have created one of the only RP Generators that run successfully online that is undetectable and easy to use. With only a few clicks once you fill out the submissions field you will magically have as many riot points as you ever wanted show up in your account. Don’t forget to add a few extra every so often just for fun!

     One of the most secret LOL hacks is utilizing the power of a RP Generator that created Free RP for your account. Receive an unlimited amount of riot points and create a character that you have always dreamed about. No more need to waste your time fighting pointless battles just for some extra riot points. Now just with a few clicks and a little bit of time you will have the ability to receive as many riot points as you want, as often as you desire. Go ahead and choose to get some Free RP and own one of the most powerful accounts on League of Legends.

How to Use the LOL Hack to Generate free RP to your account:

Follow this simple tutorial to use your RP Generator successfully.

  1. Enter your League of Legends Username.
  2. Select whether you are on PC/Mobile.
  3. Choose to use a dedicated server for extra protection.
  4. Select the number of Riot Points you wish to generate.
  5. Choose whether or not to use a proxy while hacking.
  6. Click "Generate" and allow the hack to process.
  7. Follow the final steps to add the Riot Points to your account.
  8. Enjoy!